what is cofae?

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COFAE, the Spanish Coordinator of Performing Arts Trade Fairs, is a non-profit cultural association which was created in 2006 to bring together some of the most important performing art trade fairs in Spain.  


The coordination, collaboration and dissemination of the concept of the performing arts market in the area of performing arts in Spain as well as internationally.


COFAE, respecting the characteristics of the various trade fairs, aims to promote the trade fairs as a public service, a market facilitator, a meeting place for professionals of the performing arts sector and an area for reflection and training. To position ourselves as an interlocutor with the administrations and public and private institutions and to be a point of reference with respect to transparency, professionalism and good practices.


  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Active listening
  • Mercantile facilitator 


  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Internal collaboration
  • Carrying out market studies
  • Dissemination of the trade fair concept in Spain as well as internationally
  • Interlocutions with administrations and public and private institutions
  • Participation in cooperation networks and platforms with other organisations

Who is who?

PRESIDENTManuel Jesús González Fernández
TREASURERSalvador Sanz

Currently the coordinator is made up of the following entities, although it is possible for new members to join:

Where are we?

On this web, on the 2.0 social networks, at each of the associated fairs and in the different scenic arts professional forums, both across the country and in international fairs.

SECRETARY C/ Mayor, 6-5º oficina 2 bis 28013 - Madrid
TELEPHONE +34 621 00 65 08